Funshine mama


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Brighten Mom’s day with our Funshine Mama Gift Basket, a cheerful collection of goodies designed to bring joy and laughter to her life. This delightful gift basket includes:

  • Cute Teddy Bear: Bring a smile to Mom’s face with a cuddly teddy bear that makes the perfect snuggle companion.
  • Body Shop Showering Gel: Treat Mom to a luxurious showering experience with a fragrant shower gel from The Body Shop.
  • Toblerone Chocolate: Indulge Mom’s sweet tooth with the rich and creamy goodness of Toblerone chocolate that melts in her mouth.
  • Premium Flavored Coffee: Kickstart Mom’s day with a delicious cup of premium flavoured coffee that awakens her senses and energizes her spirit.
  • Evil Eye Earrings: Ward off negativity and protect Mom with a pair of stylish evil eye earrings that add a touch of mystique to her ensemble.
  • Dream Catcher Purse: Inspire Mom to chase her dreams with a charming dream catcher purse that captures her imagination and reflects her inner wanderlust.
  • Diamond Pen: Elevate Mom’s writing experience with a dazzling diamond pen that adds a touch